Application Installer

Web Application Installer

Our easy-to-use Web Applications Installer gives you the power to easily install 40+ really cool web applications without any coding or configuration necessary. You can easily launch your own social network, online image gallery, personal or business blog, online shopping cart and tons more. Our Web Application Installer currently has 48 powerful applications available for you to install automatically with just a few clicks. We have listed some of our most popular applications below and you can find all of the applications available in your web hosting control panel under Installer –> Applications Installer. You can also view demos of the applications in action.

Easy Web Application Setup

Using our Web Application Installer you can quickly and easily install a complete website application in five minutes. All of our web applications are frequently updated to the latest available versions and new applications are being added frequently.

PHP Framework Installer

If you are a web developer and skilled with PHP, you might also enjoy our automatic PHP Framework Installer. We currently have automatic framework installs for Akelos, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, PHPDevShell, Prado, Zend and Zoop. Specify a path and choose a framework and you will be up and running in just a few seconds.

Included Web Themes

Many of our free applications above have theming capabilities. You will notice during install that we have added several professional themes for all of our applications that support themes. WordPress, Moodle, Mambo, Joomla are some examples of the applications we also provide free professional themes with. In total there are over 100 professional website themes that you can take advantage of for no additional charges.