Backup Apple Mail Easily

Backup Apple Mail Easily

These days I’m using Outlook for Mac but not so long ago I was using Apple Mail. There are tons of backup programs out there for Apple Mail and most of them are really nice. The problem is they generally aren’t free. Below is an easy way you can backup your Apple Mail for free! This has worked for years now and is still valid today.

To perform a complete backup of your Apple Mail client perform the following steps:

  1. Create a backup folder on your removable or external backup device.
  2. Copy all of the files in the ~/Library/Mail directory to your backup folder.
  3. Copy the entire ‘Mail Downloads’ folder located in the ~/Library folder to your backup folder.
  4. Copy the ‘’ file located in ~/Library/Preferences to your backup folder.
  5. Copy the ‘AddressBook’ folder located in ~/Library/Application Support
    (“~” represents your user or home directory.)

To restore your e-mail you just copy and overwrite to all when prompted to the same locations. I hope someone finds this Apple Mail backup tip useful. This method is a free alternative to purchasing Apple Mail backup software.