Email-To-SMS Gateways

Email-To-SMS Gateways

Email-To-SMS GatewaysMany people aren’t aware that you can easily send a text message to your friends, family and business associates using your email address. This functionality is termed an Email-To-SMS Gateway and must be supported by your wireless provider.

Don’t worry all major providers support this feature. You can use the reference below to determine how to compose an Email-To-Text message:

Email-To-SMS Gateway Reference

Provider Email-to-SMS Address Format
AllTel [email protected]
AT&T [email protected]
Boost Mobile [email protected]
Cricket [email protected]
Sprint [email protected]
T-Mobile [email protected]
US Cellular [email protected]
Verizon [email protected]
Virgin Mobile [email protected]

For example let’s say I wanted to send a text message using my email to my friend who’s phone number is (314) 555-1212 and I know that my friend uses AT&T for her wireless provider. In a new email composition window, I would enter in the following: [email protected] then enter a subject and a message and shortly after I click send my friend will receive the message via text on her phone.

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