Integrate SublimeText w/OSX

Integrate Sublime Text with OS X Terminal

Are you tired of using vi, vim or nano when editing text in a Terminal session? Recently I discovered a neat little trick you can use to integrate Sublime Text (my favorite text editor) with the OS X Terminal. This will probably work with the Atom text editor as well but I haven’t tested that yet. This only takes a few seconds to get setup and can definitely improve your workflow.

You will be able to use open or sublime the same as you would use vi or nano.


To get this setup issue the following command in your OS X Terminal:

ln -s /Applications/Sublime\ /usr/local/bin/sublime

Note: The above command assumes you have chosen the default installation path for Sublime Text. If you have customized your installation path, please be sure and adjust the application path accordingly.

The command above creates a symlink to Sublime Text. That’s it your all set! Now you can enjoy the power of Sublime Text when editing files from the terminal.