Optimizing CloudFlare for WP

Optimizing CloudFlare for WordPress

CloudFlare provides added security and performance to your website, it’s pretty awesome! If you aren’t already using CloudFlare you should check it out. Below are six of my favorite CloudFlare features:

  • Increased security and performance
  • Easily enable forced HTTPS secure domain connections
  • Free Universal SSL Certificate (trusted)
  • Reduce the amount of bandwidth your site requires with advanced caching
  • Prevent downtime with the Always Online™ feature
  • Blazing fast performance with optimized HTTP/2 and aggressive caching

CloudFlare offers all of these features and more even with their FREE level of service! For added features and functionality you can upgrade to Pro, Business or Enterprise service levels. For more information on optimizing the CloudFlare service for WordPress websites, review this article published by the CloudFlare team. It includes an easy-to-follow video tutorial explaining how-to configure the CloudFlare service for a WordPress website.