Resolving OS X Font Problems

Resolving OS X Font Problems

If you frequently install custom fonts on your Mac, chances are there have been times when the new fonts were not available in one or more applications. Even if you reinstall the font and make sure that it’s listed in Font Book, sometimes the new fonts just aren’t available in other applications. Recently I installed a new custom font and discovered it was not available in Photoshop. I discovered the fix was to clear the OS X font database cache. If you have also encountered this problem follow the instructions below to resolve it.

Open your Terminal and issue the following command:

sudo atsutil databases -remove

You will need to enter your administrator password to allow the above command to execute. It will only take a second or less and when your back to the shell prompt the font database cache will be removed from your system. Now you can close your terminal and close and re-open the application that was not listing your new font as an available option.