About Digital PCI

Andrew J. CurrieDigital PCI is a sole proprietorship owned and operated by Andrew Currie, a Web Developer from St. Louis, Missouri. It is the recommended web hosting solution for my web development clientèle. Especially for clients who do not already have domain names, email services and web hosting established. Digital PCI was founded in July 2001. It was originally created to help record weddings onto high quality DVD’s but the primary focus was changed to web publishing and search engine optimization in late 2003.

When I do freelance development work, I often run into clients who don’t already have web hosting and/or domain names setup. In those situations I always recommend my powerful Digital PCI domain name and hosting services for their web hosting needs.

For over 15 years now, Digital PCI has been offering top quality web hosting and domain services to all for competitive prices. If you are in need of web hosting, domain services, search engine optimization or custom website development projects, please contact me here.

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